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Dedicated Servers

Our commitment to excellence starts with the hardware that we provide. Our buying power allows us to invest in superior hardware from top vendors, which in turn means a reliable solution at an affordable cost. Our dedicated servers are based on Supermicro rackmountable barebones, and are powered by the most power-efficient processors at any given time.

That is why we source many of our parts and servers from the following leading suppliers


Below is our current list of available Dedicated Servers. If you cannot find a server that suites your needs, feel free to submit a ticket to our sales department and one of our representatives will be happy to help you find both a server that fits your needs and is within your budget.

Chicago Datacenter

Bargain Bin Servers

Processors Hard Drive Memory/RAM Bandwidth Uplink IP Addresses Pricing Order
Xeon E5520 Quad-Core Nehalem 2.26GHz 8MB L3 Cache 1 TB 12 GB DDR2 6 TB 100 MBPS 5 IP Addresses $210/mo
Xeon E3110 3.0GHZ w/ 6MB L2 Cache 500 GB 4 GB DDR2 6 TB 100 MBPS 5 IP Addresses $135/mo
Xeon X3430 Lynnfield 2.4GHZ w/ 8MB L2 Cache 500 GB 8 GB DDR2 10 TB 100 MBPS 5 IP Addresses $169/mo